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          History of Avondale Water and Sanitation District

Avondale Water and Sanitation District is a public utility located in Avondale, Colorado and is currently providing water service to 419 taps in Avondale and 110 taps to Orchard Park.
Orchard Park is adjacent to the eastern boundary of Avondale.

Avondale is in eastern Pueblo County, Colorado, and is approximately 16 miles east of Pueblo, Colorado.  It is predominately surrounded by farms and ranches with local stores, churches and cafes supporting its residents.  The existing service area includes both residential and commercial activities. The service area is approximately 3.75 square miles.

The community of Avondale is in an agricultural area of eastern Pueblo County. The Arkansas River flows eastward and northerly through the northern part of the AWSD service area.

Avondale is found primarily on a bluff overlooking the Arkansas River to the north. Much of the area is irrigated for large areas of crops such as corn, alfalfa, and beans in the spring and summer months. Surface water from the irrigation and precipitation migrates to the Arkansas River and infiltrates the ground. Shallow groundwater levels typically rise shortly after irrigation begins and fall a few months after irrigation is stopped for the winter.


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